Our company is dedicated to international refrigerated transport and logistics, and we are aware that the Quality and Safety of the products we handle and the Satisfaction of our Customers and other interested parties are the foundations on which our business is based. As such, we have decided to adopt the following commitments:

To prioritise at all times, by providing the necessary resources, the management of food safety, under the established procedures which allow us to guarantee the highest quality of our services and increase the level of satisfaction for our customers.

To comply with legislation and meet the requirements agreed with customers, which apply to us in relation to food safety and the quality of our service.

To identify the needs of the customers and meet their requirements in order to achieve their full satisfaction.

To carry out training activities so that all personnel know, share in and apply the Management System and, at the same time, to ensure continuous improvement in carrying out their tasks.

To promote and make the most of the technical and human resources in order to achieve the economic and management objectives established, achieving the highest quality of service.

To ensure that subcontracted companies apply the same management principles.

To communicate to all parties involved (customers, suppliers, subcontractors and health authorities) any significant emergency relating to food safety.

To ensure an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement through the analysis of processes and services as a fundamental instrument to increase efficiency, improve competitiveness and ensure the satisfaction of all those involved.

The Management is committed to providing the resources needed to comply with these guidelines in order to establish a strategy aimed at achieving the objectives.